build their confidence

build their confidence

With so much focus on academics and therapies, parents often undervalue what after-school activities can do for their special needs children. But they shouldn’t. Extracurricular activities offer opportunities to build the talents their children may have regardless of their special needs. They also provide new and different ways to connect with other kids. They teach skills not taught in the classroom. They help build confidence. And, they can develop lifelong interests. Whether music, art, sports, dance, scouts, or something else; choose an activity that they actively enjoy. This is their time to shine and have fun.

When selecting an extracurricular or afterschool activity for your special needs child, choose something they’re interested in, but be realistic. Consider structured programs as opposed to open-ended. Choose programs that have simple rules and little competition.

Look into typical programs as well as Special Needs programs such as:

Individual Sports • Swimming • Martial Arts • Golf • Track and Field

Structured Adult-led Clubs • Scouts • 4H

Special Interest Clubs • Chess • Mathematics • Video Gaming • Choir • Theater • Visual Arts • Cosplay and Fantasy Games • Horseback Riding ª Volunteer Activities