All we want for christmas is... All we want for christmas is...

All we want for christmas is...

In a CensusWide survey, nearly half of the women surveyed said they want jewelry for Christmas. The next lower percentage said they’d like a weekend break or holiday. Gift vouchers to a favorite store are third on the list followed by handmade presents. For men, a third of them want gift vouchers, but only around 20% get them. Another third want clothing, but way more than a third (almost half) gets clothing. What do you want for Christmas this year?

Know the Rules for Regifting

Etiquette experts say it’s fine to regift things, but there are guidelines to follow when doing it. Regifting shouldn’t be about unloading something you don’t want. No, you should be as thoughtful as when you’re buying a new gift and consider who might actually like it. Only give it away if it’s in perfect condition in its original packaging. Rewrap it completely. And, don’t give it to someone who knows or interacts with the original giver. If you get caught, tell the truth. With the rising popularity of second-hand and sustainable goods, regifting is definitely better than throwing an item away.

Give GOOD Gifts

This Christmas, give gifts that won’t end up in a yard sale or landfill. Consider passing on an heirloom, a favorite book, or a plant. Give an experience instead of an object. Start a saving’s account or make a donation. Create something handmade or bake something homemade. If you must shop, choose things of value, purpose, and meaning, or at least made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

Don’t Recycle Wrapping Paper

When all the gifts are open, remember, not all wrapping paper is recyclable. If it’s shiny, laminated, metallic, textured or has glitter on it, it can’t be recycled. And, putting it in the recycle bin will make the entire load unrecyclable. Unlaminated paper-based and pre-recycled wrapping papers are usually recyclable. So try to use those kinds of paper this year. Better yet, think of other ways to “wrap” your gifts.