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All about the Babies

Work that core baby!

Doing sit ups with your baby is a great exercise to strengthen the muscles in her shoulders, core, arms and back. But only if she can support her head – usually starting around 6 weeks. Just pull your baby toward you gently by the forearms. Even though you’re doing the pulling, she’ll naturally flex her ab muscles and work to keep her head aligned with her body. You’ll only be able to pull her an inch or two at first, but eventually she’ll make it into a full sitting position, which will be super exciting for her as she gets closer to your face!

Parent Crawl

Before a child starts to crawl (around 6 months or so), doctors recommend parents get down on their own hands and knees and crawl around the house. When standing, we can’t always see what’s under the couch or behind a chair. When we get down low, we’ll see what they’ll see and can pick up any loose or dangerous items before baby finds them. Once baby’s on the move, there’s no stopping them.

Milestone Comparisons

The best advice we’ve heard for new parents is to stop comparing your kids (to siblings, to neighbors, or to anyone). Every child is different and reaches different milestones at different times. That includes sitting, crawling, walking and talking. It’s when you stop seeing gradual progress that you can become concerned. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns.