Brush + Shammy for the Pups Brush + Shammy for the Pups

Brush + Shammy for the Pups

Detangle Delight

A tool which enables a full groom for your pet in about 15 minutes. Easy to grip, the lightweight and an ergonomically curved brush minimizes wrist rotation. Stainless steel comb teeth transition from large too small to gently detangle and then de-shed all of the loose undercoat—without tugging hair. All groomed? Simply pull the ejector button and shed hair releases in a snap. $58.95,

Super Shammy

No more wet paw prints all over your house! Now there is an easy way to clean and dry your dog without creating a huge mess. The secret is in the “noodles” the textured strands of microfiber chenille that are woven together to create the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy. This Shammy has hand pockets so you can get a firm grip when toweling off your pooch. $20.95,