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All things pregnancy

Beat Winter Blues

A lot of people feel sad in the winter. If you’re pregnant, hormones can make it worse. Talk to your doctor if you think you’re suffering from prenatal depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Otherwise try these tips to make these grey days less gloomy.

  • Get some sun ... Take a walk on a sunny day.
  • Get some exercise ... Break a sweat to boost endorphins.
  • Get some Omega 3s ... Eat foods that are good for you.
  • Get out and about ... Plan an outing each day.
  • Get in touch ... Call a friend to chat.
  • Get close ... Snuggle with your hubby.



When do you feel most loved? Maybe when you are in the presence of family or friends who you know love you? How about when your husband puts his arms around you and says, "I love you?" You should also consider your very own self-love – by feeding your body with great nourishing foods. And especially when you have a baby in the womb!