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Traveling dogs to No Mess fun

Pick Me Up

Any mom with a car full of kids will appreciate this. Order your groceries online, choose a timeslot, and then go pick them up. Your order will be loaded right into your car. OR... You can make a list, get everyone dressed, find a parking spot, dodge the moving cars in the lot, herd your crew through the store, stand in line to check out, buckle the kids back in the car, catch your cart that rolled away, load your own groceries and go home. Your choice. 

1. Traveling Dogs

For a secured traveling pooch! Crash-tested, Tru-Fit Harness keeps dogs secure in the car. Also functions as a walking harness. Great for walking and has an extra ring that helps control dogs who pull. Starting at $29.99. We found it at thegrommet.com

2. Citrus Spray

Spray juice directly from any citrus fruit with the press of a finger. No more squirting juice in your eye or getting seeds in your salad. Just insert the nozzle into the fruit and squirt. Brilliance! Tip – Roll the fruit on the counter first, to get the juices flowing. bedbathandbeyond.com, $4.99

3. SentioCHEWS

Wearable Sensory Tools for kids, teens and adults that chew and fidget. This set of chewable necklaces with popular paracord breakaway lanyards is a favorite! Find them at kidcompanions.com, $17.50

4. No Mess Fun

Playing with Wikki Stix® is a tactile and sensory experience, and they’re great for developing fine motor skills and kinesthetic learning. Playing with Wikki Stix® is also good for the autism spectrum. Starting at $3.95. wikkistix.com