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The Baby Box and More

It’s not just about the Box, it’s about Education

The initiative allows every expecting woman to claim a free Baby Box once receiving prenatal care and parenting information on preventing SIDS through safe sleep practices; along with a range of other important topics at www.babyboxuniversity.com. Combining the box, loaded with essentials, and the education, The Baby Box program, with the partnerships of several institutions, including Dallas Medical Center in Farmers Branch, is undeniably increasing parental engagement with valuable educational content. Learn more: www.babyboxuniversity.com

TheBabyBox.com program is designed to reduce infant mortality rates.

Big thanks to CEO Jennifer Clary, and Founder Michelle Vick, both Native Texans, for bringing The Baby Box program to Texas!

Tranquilo Mat

When babies are transitioning after birth, they miss the soothing constant motion and sound, like “whoosh” of mom’s heartbeat and the gentle jostle of every move she makes. So this mat soothes by mimicking these motions through gentle vibrations and soft sounds. Created by a maternity nurse to help fussy babies. Find it at www.tranquilomat.com. Starting at $85

Baby Book – The Story of You!

A modern fill-in-the pages baby book designed with busy parents in mind. Knowing timelines and little ones don’t always mix, this baby book doesn’t focus on the typical milestones but lets you focus on the everyday moments that matter most. Also includes an area for handwritten notes and cards for your baby. Find it at: www.artifactuprising.com, $120

Sleep on Little One

That’s right! No need to wake your baby up. The Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer gives you two options to take your child’s temperature – completely non-invasive no touch, or the traditional forehead touch. Proven clinically accurate for all ages. www.target.com, $44

Trust the Temp

The Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer with exactemp technology delivers accurate temperature readings that you can trust. The ear canal is noted as the best site to get an accurate reflection of the body’s core temperature. www.target.com, $41