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Items to Educate!

1.  Get stuck on this App

Kids learn their math facts as they work with number tiles to pop bubbles and release fish into the water. Kids learn to think quickly, memorizing their facts. The Osmo system is for ages 6 and up. It’s really cool. We found it at:  www.playosmo.com , Starting at $29.00

2. LEGO exhibit at the Dallas Zoo!

The excitement is building! Nature Connects, 16 remarkable sculptures using LEGO bricks. Nature Connects® is free with Zoo admission.  www.dallaszoo.com/exhibits-experiences/lego-brick-art-exhibit  Enter to win tickets at  suburbanparent.com

3. Squirrel King

The fun, unique and ingenious Squirrel King kits are a swirl of intellect, engineering and creativity delivered with a hands-on approach that inspires a thirst for knowledge. Each colorful kit includes novel stickering techniques — no glue involved — and all the materials for children to build, create and explore, making awesome toys in the process! With Build with Stickers kits, STEM (science, technology, education and math) principles are explored in an age-appropriate manner. We found it at  squirrelking.org . The original Squirrel King Craft kit $9.99-$69.00

4. Play on Sculpture

This Climb, Crawl, Slide Sculpture gets children physically engaged and allows creative juices to flow. Made out of recycled and re-purposed materials, the sculpture spans over 6,000 feet and climbs 26 feet toward the ceiling. Children can scale up a capsized ship, walk over bridges of car hoods, crawl through tubes in the earth’s bedrock, glide down spiral slides, and climb across a 200-square-foot spider web suspended 18 feet off the ground. Exploring the environment gets children’s adrenaline pumping and jump-starts the creative learning process. Part of the interactive and unique environment at SPARK! Check it out at:  www.sparkdallas.org