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Family fun day and more

1. Frida Kahlo doll

These beautiful dolls are handmade in Mexico so no two are exactly alike. They’re made from organic cotton linen and stuffed with hypoallergenic poly fill. “Amor” is hand-stitched onto the chest. Perfect for your budding artist. In case you forgot from Art History class, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits. www.noblecarriage.com

2. Family Fun Day and Colorpalooza

Bring the family out and get creative! Visitors get to show off their artistic abilities, watch skilled artists create one-of-a kind sculptures and paintings, marvel at colorful sidewalk chalk art. FREE admission, although some activities might carry a nominal charge. There will be an emphasis on interactive events for children, including inflatable play structures and creative arts and crafts stations. Find more info at www.lewisvillecolorpalooza.com.

2. Book & Game in one!

It’s a card game and a book. The objective is to collect three or four of a kind. It’s not complicated, and it’s fun; educational too! Each card features a painting, the movement the painting belongs to (i.e. impressionism) and its theme (i.e. still life). Players/Curators work to put on an “art show,” they end up learning about some pretty famous works for art. The book has info about the artists and paintings, plus alternate games to play. Fun for 5 year olds, but still interesting for older kids and adults too. Find it at Barnes & Noble.

3. Art with Edge Coloring Books

We’re big fans of coloring to de-stress. And you can find adult coloring books everywhere. But, what about our stressed out teens? Enter Crayola’s Art with Edge coloring books. They are both soothing and sophisticated. Forget the pretty flowers; check out Zombie Daze, Graffiti and Sugar Skulls. Why not? If it’s relaxing! www.shop.crayola.com, $5.94

4. Little Language Learner

Go on a Latin American adventure with this album of upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies by bilingual family musician Andrés Salguero’s. The songs, in English and Spanish explore a world of objects that go “Arriba y Abajo” (up and down) – like the musical scale. www.123andres.com, $15.00