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Father Day Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift can be tough… but it shouldn’t be! Nobody is easier to please than dear old dad. He would be one happy fella with a lopsided homemade cake, or breakfast in bed with plain cereal and toast!

This Father’s Day sit down and have a little brain storming session with the kids. Ask the following questions to get those creative juices flowing:

What are his hobbies?  If he likes to fish, perhaps some fishing tackle or even a hat to keep the sun off his face would be in order. If he enjoys working on cars, he might like tickets to Texas Motor Speedway, or the motocross. Golf courses offer gift certificates – would dad enjoy a round of golf? If you like to keep things simple, how about a letting the kids create a simple drawing of him enjoying one of his pastimes, matted and framed to display on his desk?

Does he like music?  How about an iTunes gift card! If it doesn’t bust your budget, opt for some symphony tickets, or an evening at a live concert. Check your community Calendar of Events, there’s always concerts on the lawn events somewhere!

Does he work a lot of hours and likely has stress?  How about a quiet morning where dad gets to sleep in as late as he wants. Or some tickets to see a movie with mom. A book that he can get wrapped up in, such as a thriller would be a great idea for the overworked dad too.

Is he serious or funny?  If he is the serious type, he would most likely enjoy a non-fiction book, perhaps one on history. Throw in a gift card to Starbucks. Perhaps he might enjoy some gardening tools or exercise equipment. If dad is the happy-go-lucky humorous type, he might enjoy a funny t-shirt, a classic comedy movie or even tickets to a comedy club. Camping gear would be great, or an outdoor game such as horseshoes or washers.

Maybe consider a Time Capsule!  You can create an “All about my Dad” worksheet to include as a reminder of when this was created. The time capsule is a way to preserve memories, so include treasures you saved that have great memories attached. Don’t forget a vacation memory, or the best breakfast dad ever made for you! If you include photos, be sure to protect them.

and finally ... the card.  Most importantly, don’t forget a homemade card. Kids love to give them, and parents love to receive them. Include a hand drawn portrait of the family with the card. Regardless of your children’s age they can participate in this activity – artistic ability does not matter on this gift from the heart, it’s sure to please!