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Drawing Power: The Editorial Art of John Knott

Hall of State at Fair Park

July 29, 2017 - 9:00am to: 5:00pm

John Knott worked for the Dallas Morning News from 1905 until his retirement in 1957.

During this time his artwork amassed to over 15,000 pieces. The archives of the DHS holds more than one third of this body of work. His most famous character "Old Man texas", was devised in 1906 to symbolize rural Texas, honesty in government, low taxes, and property ownership.

His work was reprinted in many major American newspapers over the years. His work encompasses every possible aspect of the public's interest from the humorous to the social conscience of the state and nation.

This exhibit presents his work on many topics that are of direct interest to a modern audience.



3939 Grand Avenue



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