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Inspired by Autism

For more than 10 years, Therapy and Beyond has been expanding the horizons of those impacted by autism. Founder Dr. Regina Crone, PhD, BCBA-D, shares her inspiration and therapeutic approach.

What first inspired you to focus on therapy?

It started when my family adopted my youngest brother from Russia. At eighteen months old, he had few sounds, little eye contact, and displayed behaviors such as head banging, lining up shoes, and sorting his toys by color. I remember my mom working tirelessly to find help for him. From school district red tape to frustrated therapists who readily gave up, she ran into dead ends time and time again. Finally, one dedicated therapist used sign language and taught my brother to speak. Watching his communication skills and confidence grow inspired me to one day make a difference in other children’s lives. Today, I fuel my passion through our programs at Therapy and Beyond.

What is your approach to address the challenges of Autism?

My original approach from 10 years ago hasn’t changed: to provide high quality, individualized therapy, not a cookie cutter approach, and teach meaningful skills, not rote. All individuals with autism are unique. Our first priority is to identify an individual’s learning pattern. Once we understand how someone learns we develop a specific program using the science of applied behavior analysis to address his or her core learning challenges, which may include communication, social skills, or problem behaviors.

Is therapy fun?

Our goal is for every child to leave therapy with a smile. The most fulfilling part of our day, is when we see a child develop a love of learning. Motivation is an essential component and a part of every plan.

How do you know when therapeutic treatment is effective?

Measurable progress. Data and continued analysis is key. We meet with the parents monthly to ensure programs are effective and meaningful. 


• Therapeutic Programs are highly individualized, data-driven, intensive 1:1 ABA therapy, speech therapy and counseling services

• Teach Me Academy Program offers a comprehensive, educational program, with individualized education within an inclusive setting, partnering with private schools.



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