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Changing the Shape of Families through Applied Behavioral Analysis

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Domonique Randall, BCBA-D, The Shape of Behavior brings specialized behavior therapy to children with developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Focused on the relationship between child and environment, Shape's mission is to provide individualized evidence-based treatment to improve the quality of life for the child through techniques such as applied behavioral analysis (ABA). In addition to the Dallas location, The Shape of Behavior has 18 locations in four states across the US with more scheduled to open in 2017. 

ABA is a treatment approach focused on understanding how behavior is affected by the environment and applies the scientific principles of learning to behavioral deficiencies and excesses. 

"Our methods empower children and their care givers to effectively change their behaviors, which provides the confidence needed to successfully navigate their world;' Dr. Randall says. "Each one of our centers provides a fun learning environment with scientific strategies to promote success in the areas of social skills, communication and behavior development:'

Understanding the value of working with the whole family unit and not just the child, Shape invites parents, siblings and grandparents to training sessions. This allows family members to better understand how to cope with the disability and learn positive strategies to create more meaningful relationships that impact the entire family. 

Dr. Randall has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals with ASD and other developmental and emotional disabilities. Her work in behavior analysis encompasses public schools, private inclusion settings, state schools, home-based therapy, clinic-based settings, academia and business. She obtained a master's in Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and has a PhD in Educational Psychology. 

To register your child at The Shape of Behavior clinic in Dallas, contact the clinic's intake department at 866.437.2165 or dallas@shapeofbehavior.com.