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Relaro is Passionate about Children

Relaro Medical Trials is committed to improving the lives of patients by offering new treatment options for psychiatric and certain other medical conditions. Most of these opportunities are available to anyone, but unfortunately, many people don’t even know about them. The biggest obstacle is simply making the public aware that these options are out there and that they, too can take advantage of them.

Seeing that children deserve the same privileges as adults, Relaro has recently focused on programs for children only. 

These programs include:

• ADHD and ADHD with Impulsive Aggression

• Tourette’s

• Autism

• Depression

Relaro also has programs for adults with Depression, Anxiety, Tourette’s, Eye issues and certain medical conditions.

If you would like more information on how to be a part of one of Relaro’s medical programs, please visit our website and click the Join A Study button. Fill out the Participate in a Trial form and you will be contacted about current or future programs.

All treatments are free of charge - No insurance required  

All program participants are compensated for their time

Renee LaRoque started her career in research over 19 years ago. In 2013, she founded Relaro Medical Trials in North Dallas. Since that time, her team of medical professionals has grown to include 5 Physicians, an Office Manager, 2 Coordinators and a Lab Director.

Relaro Medical Trials

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