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You Asked, We Answered

Q. How can I encourage my husband (36 years old) to get regular check-ups. He has never been to a doctor!

A.Good question. It’s typical for men around the age of 35 years to start getting certain screenings, including cholesterol tests. For healthy men with no health problems (or family history of male problems), a simple blood pressure screening every two years, and a cholesterol test every 5 years is sufficient. Let your hubby know that a prostate exam is not a required part of a routine physical. Typically it’s required only if there is a family history of prostate cancer. That could be the reason he is not interested!

My son, home from college, is looking for a job, but does not want to be here in the metroplex areas. Any suggestions?

A. So you have a young adult with possible wanderlust! This actually is a good thing, so embrace it. You might want to have him do a “Unique Summer Jobs for College Students” search. Hey, check into fishing jobs. Alaska might be a location that is impressive to him. If he likes fishing, there are summer fishing jobs and deckhand jobs available. He would most likely be working on a salmon fishing boat. However, there are other fisheries that are in operation during the summer months. Salmon, of course, is king during the summer in Alaska.  www.AlaskaJobFinder.com

Q. I keep hearing and reading about summer learning loss. What exactly does this mean? My children are readers, does that count?

A. This is a very hot topic and there are statistics. You, however, have readers at home and this puts your kids in less danger of summer learning loss. Studies show that reading four to five books over the summer has a positive impact and it’s actually comparable to summer school enrollment. Of course losing academic knowledge during summer is not the only loss – physical fitness levels also take a hit. Get those kids active daily, all summer; this will help them to stay at their best mental form, as physical health is known to enhance academic performance.

Q. I’m not sure if everyone knows the ABC’s of skin cancer?

A. You are right! Let me help with that. To keep you protected, it’s recommended to know the possible signs of skin cancer. If you find a mole, look for - *Asymmetry: Half of the mole is different than the other half. *Border: Edges are notched, uneven or blurred. *Color: The mole is uneven in color, or has shades of brown, tan and black. *Diameter: Diameter is greater than 6 mm, or the size of a pencil eraser. *Elevation and evolution: The mole is raised or changes over time.