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Questions Answered

Q. I’m a mom with kids playing in our yard and running through the sprinklers. In addition to EPA-approved insect repellent and protective clothing, what can I do to protect us?

A. You can show pesky mosquitoes who’s boss with tactics to cut their numbers and discourage them from visiting your backyard in the first place! Guard your yard with mosquito traps. Keep your lawn free of puddles, and ask your neighbor to do the same. Check your gutters for clogs, which are wonderful locations for mosquito eggs. Drain flowerpot dishes and all containers in your yard. Mosquitoes breed in tree-rot holes, so fill them with sand or cement. Check for leaky faucets (you’ll be surprised how these cango unnoticed!)

Learn more at BeMosquitoFreeTC.com

Q. How does a Montessori education benefit younger children?

A. Montessori education is based on a deep understanding of young children’s development and is a program that meets the specific needs of that development. This means that everything that happens in a Montessori classroom has a purpose and supports the development of executive functioning skills, independence, concentration, self-control, respect for others, and compassion and empathy. As well, the learning materials allow children to explore and discover key concepts in their world – whether it is in science and nature, language, math or their place in the culture of their community – the children are exposed to key academic concepts in a way that matches their development. A Montessori child discovers they have the ability to learn whatever they want to know, and have the tools to accomplish it.

Peggy Larson Director of Early Childhood Programs Alcuin School

Q. What is the benefit of Heart Rate Inverval Training?

A. The benefit of heart rate based high intensity interval training is the scientifically backed strategy for improving your health, building lean muscle, burning fat, and increasing your endurance. Since your workout is based on your own heart rate, most are able to stay within their limits of a safe workout and will continue to see improvements as their body continually becomes more conditioned. This way a high performing athlete can work alongside someone who is just getting started on their fitness journey, and still get the same benefits of the workout.

Hilary Vitale|Marketing Manager Orangetheory Fitness North Texas

Q. How do I keep a good relationship with my daughter during the teen-years?

A. I remember reading about The Mother Daughter Project. It showed that girls really do long for a good relationship with their mothers, especially for the love and support mothers provide. It showed that as teens grow up through adolescence, they look beyond their immediate families to discover who they are and how the world works. That’s why it’s best for mothers to forge close relationships with teen daughters in conjunction with other mothers and girls who value the same thing. Make time to do things together with other Moms with daughters. Your thirteen-year-old might not go to the movies with just you, but she’ll go with a friend, her friend’s mother and you. Plus, teen girls need other adults who can give them a positive vision of themselves and their future and who can open doors for our daughters that we can’t.

Mary Ellen Editor